And Then What?

Originally posted on Simply Health of Maine:
By Emory Liscord MD You are afraid you will fail at something? Then what? Life happens. You fail. And it’s fine. So, why do we ruminate? Why do we dwell? Lately, I have been reading about the philosophy behind stoicism. I think we could all benefit from a…

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Pick Two

Originally posted on Simply Health of Maine:
by Emory Liscord MD I wear a lot of hats in my life I’m a physician, a mom, a wife, a friend, a daughter, and an individual I want to succeed at all of these all the time But that NEVER happens. Every day I might feel like…

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Welcome to MCSS 2017

We only have an hour so I’m not going to waste your time with any background info about me except to say that I’m not employed by Google Earth, I just think the platform is perfect for kids to learn simple content map creation. The new Google Earth Online version is great to explore the […]

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Geography to save the world

Originally posted on worldgeochat:
My good friend and worldgeochat moderator Peter Spiegel often times says, “geography isn’t just the most important of the social sciences, it’s the most important subject.” I must admit that there are times where I sort of give Pete an eye roll when he tweets that. While I’ve always thought geography…

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That one song

Originally posted on Simply Health of Maine:
Yesterday I went for a seven mile run with some nasty hills at the end. When running I sometimes listen to podcasts, sometimes I run silently, and sometimes I play a workout playlist on my iPhone. Yesterday was a playlist day. The songs we choose to put on…

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The Busted Lesson

When the proverbial $#*t hits the fan. Let’s face it. Lesson planning takes time, effort, attention to detail, and long hours of thinking about all the ways it could blow up in your face. That being said, even the most fastidious, dedicated and detailed oriented educator can not, and will not, think of everything. An […]

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The fly hunter

I’m one of the best. Truly I am. I don’t say it with a hint of hubris either. It has taken years of honing this singular skill into something efficient as it is effective.  Even when my my kids are watching intently (when a 2yr old AND a 4yr old are glued to the hunt…. […]

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