What is a Day 1 activity to introduce geography to your students?

  By this point in the chat, most people’s heads are spinning with conversation and ideas. I wanted to give everyone a chance to slow down and share some awesomesauce (ok, spell check didn’t underline awesomesauce as being incorrectly spelled…. AWESOMESAUCE!). I was hoping to gain some new insights and ideas for ice-breaker activities and […]

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My favorite teacher

There is always that one teacher in your past. That one person that if it weren’t for their presence in your life, you may not be the person you are today. I was fortunate to have that teacher when I entered the 5th grade. Herman Bowden was one of the single most important people that I’ve […]

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Build the World

I was recently approached to describe with more detail the process that I use for a Grid activity (If you want to read more about building the Grid, check it out here, and here) that uses data points for cities so students can construct a map of the world. This post will be fairly Spartan […]

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Welcome to Google Earth

  Here are a few of the large KMZ/KML files that I have created in Google Earth for you to download and use as foundation files for your own creations. They are: Blank Polygons of all world countries Countries of the World Rivers of the World Deserts of the World Mountain Ranges of the World Latitude […]

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