That one song

What song motivates you?

Simply Health of Maine

Yesterday I went for a seven mile run with some nasty hills at the end. When running I sometimes listen to podcasts, sometimes I run silently, and sometimes I play a workout playlist on my iPhone. Yesterday was a playlist day. The songs we choose to put on a workout playlist have to reach us at a place to inspire and motivate us beyond our current physical, emotional, and psychological limits.

I was hurting. I wanted to stop. My legs were burning. I was rounding the corner to my street and had the choice to turn into my driveway, or I could run repeat sprints on the hill (my street is a 1/10mile steep hill that I often tell myself that I should run hill repeats on) at the end of my run. Usually I bail out on these hill repeats because they suck. They also hurt a lot. As…

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