The Plateau

Simply Health of Maine

This is going to be a 3-part post. I’ll put the next two segments up separately to break up the reading…

With very few exceptions, we all find ourselves every so often, stuck in a weird place. It’s called The Plateau. Whether it’s in fitness, healthy living, education, relationships, . . . we all get burnt out, binge, rebel, regress, forget, lose focus, or any of many distractions that get us away from achieving goals. I often feel like I’m stuck spinning my wheels in relationship to my nutrition. I’ll be great for a few weeks and then… BAM! I binge on something I know is not a healthy choice. I’m not talking about having a cup of ice cream or a few cookies. I’m talking about the full-head-on-box-of-Entenmann’s kind of binge. I used to binge every few days on candy and at least I’ve been able to cut things…

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