“Just do _______ for a week”

From my other blog 🙂

Simply Health of Maine

Yeah right… I’ve been trying. Two weeks ago I discovered an online burpee challenge to do 3 X 10 burpees for two weeks. I’ve seen these things before and I like them so, I put up a post on the Simply Health FB group for some volunteers to try one new physical challenge for two weeks to create a new habit. The idea was that after about two weeks this new fitness challenge would become part of a person’s everyday habit and improve overall health/fitness/mindset. I’d post a video each day of my progress and we’d all have some fun doing it. I was wrong.

New habits are hard to create. Between traveling to New Jersey for a family gathering and having two small kids at home with me all week I can say with conviction that I was only about 70% successful with this challenge. I probably missed four…

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