It’s Monday. I’m sick. I have a deadline. No rest for the weary. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you feel. It’s how you are going to feel when you accomplish an impossible task. At this very moment my head feels like an acorn being crushed under the boot of a hiker. A cloudy vice that seems […]

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As an educator I see lots of ideas come and go. There always seems to be the ‘next-big-thing’ that will revolutionize the way education is done. What the reality is more like is there are solutions to specific types of problems that only work if there is enough buy in from the faculty within the […]

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Sometimes all it takes is that one little step. A step so small it’s like a two year old took it. Today I remembered to bring our grocery bags from home instead of getting the plastic bags that usually end up creating a large plastic organism living in one of our drawers… On a somewhat […]

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