The fly hunter

I’m one of the best. Truly I am. I don’t say it with a hint of hubris either. It has taken years of honing this singular skill into something efficient as it is effective.  Even when my my kids are watching intently (when a 2yr old AND a 4yr old are glued to the hunt…. […]

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The mistake

Originally posted on Lifestyle Health of Maine:
Full disclosure… I just had a scary moment after a run. Emmy and I went out for a trail run yesterday and while it was a great time and not overly painful, we weren’t able to get home right away after we finished so we could break our…

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The Plateau

Originally posted on Lifestyle Health of Maine:
This is going to be a 3-part post. I’ll put the next two segments up separately to break up the reading… With very few exceptions, we all find ourselves every so often, stuck in a weird place. It’s called The Plateau. Whether it’s in fitness, healthy living, education,…

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