Welcome back!

It’ been over a week since I’ve written anything. I took the holidays as a time for some personal reflection on my blogging and where I am in life. Now that the year has begun I’m ready for some great things this year. I was contemplating writing an obligatory New Year’s Resolutions post but honestly I’m not sure I want to disappoint myself when I fall off the wagon so I’ll just say that I’m committed to writing more this year and focusing on healthy living for the sake of my soon to be born daughter. Since these are more of ‘life coices’ than ‘resolutions’ I feel just peachy with that so I’ll move on…

Since becoming a connected educator I’ve been inspired by many great minds on Twitter and in the edublog community. The insight and support from all over the world has instilled in me a sense of purpose in regards to my role of helping educators become more reflective in their practice., Hopefully by becoming more reflective in your practice, you also become more willing to use your experience as a resource for others to learn from.

I started reflecting on the #mschats towards the end of last year, and I’ve received some shout outs in regards to the format of my reflections and I hope that I’ve inspired a few people to also join me in this particular way of extending our #mschat experience. By writing reflections on our experiences in any of the many twitter education chats we can grow the wealth of knowledge and put it into meaningful, usable, and most importantly, actionable advice for educators around the globe. Personally, I’m excited to continue to do so in the new year and hope to engage even more learners and educators online.

If I have one new goal for this spring, it is to try starting a podcast revolving around conversations that happen in #mschat. Writing about my experience is rewarding but I’ve always been a better conversationalist that writer so I’m eager to see what might happen in that kind of format. I’ll be reaching out to many of you that I’ve met in my PLN to join me in this quest so stay tuned!

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